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1 Apr 2016 | Museums

The Archaeological Museum in Varna is one of the oldest in Bulgaria, with great traditions in science and museum work. It was created as an archaeological collection in 1887, and in 1906 its first exhibition was presented to the public.

On an area of 2000 square meters, with tens of thousands of exhibits, the following sections are presented: Prehistory (40,000 - 1200 BC), Antiquity (8th century BC - 6th century AD), Middle Ages (7th-18th centuries) and Numismatics - with a rich collection of various coins from the 6th century BC. to the 18th century. All presented exhibits were discovered during excavations in Varna (ancient Odessos) and the region.
Among them, the most attractive for visitors is, of course, the oldest gold in the world - more than 3,000 objects found in a necropolis near Varna - more than 6 kg of gold objects from the Middle and Late Chalcolithic (4600-4200 BC). ). Attention is also drawn to the largest collections in Bulgaria of antique terracotta statuettes (5th-1st century BC), glass vessels (4th century BC-6th century) and lamps (5th century BC . - 7th century AD), as well as from medieval gold and silver ornaments (12th-14th centuries). The collection of antique gold ornaments and objects (5th century BC - 6th century AD), some of which are unique, is also extremely valuable.
By tradition, in one of the wings of the museum, the collection of Bulgarian icons from the 14th-19th centuries, the second largest in the country, is presented. One of the attractions for young visitors and schoolchildren is the 2013 renovated Learning Museum, with reconstructions of prehistoric and medieval dwellings and technologies that they can study on site.
Over the past 30 years, museum specialists have often organized international archaeological conferences, as well as exhibitions with Varna exhibits abroad: in Japan, Germany, France, Israel, Italy, Canada, Spain, USA, Russia, Greece, etc. Materials from the Varna Archaeological Museum are constantly participating as part of the national exhibition "Thracian Golden Treasures" in various countries around the world, and are often guests in a number of international exhibitions presented in renowned world museums.


Blvd. "Maria Luisa" 41
Tel. +359 52 681 011
052/ 681 030 – information

Work time:
May-September: 10.00-17.00, without a day off
October-April: 10.00-17.00, day off - Monday
Admission for adults: BGN 10.00, groups over 10 people – BGN 8.
Admission for children, schoolchildren, students: BGN 2.00.
Talks are offered in Bulgarian and foreign languages.

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